A bit about me

My name's Nadia Pietrobon and I'm an animator at Mercury Filmworks. I obtained both my Graphic Design and Animation certificates at Algonquin College between 2010 and 2017. Also an avid lover of movies, animals and martial arts.

I grew up in rural Carlsbad Springs, Ontario on a long, quiet street. Having nearly no kids in the area to play with, more often than not I had only my imagination to keep myself busy and entertained. I spent most of my time in the dirt, in the trees, turning my room into a giant blanket fort or drawing on the floor with scraps of paper and coloured pencils scattered around me.

My early obsessions with Disney and films in general definitely had a hand in making me who I am today. It was after watching Bambi at six years old that I knew I wanted to draw cartoons for a living someday. I started drawing when my mom bought me my first etch-a-sketch when I was two. I haven't put the pencil down since.